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October 18, 2009

LOVER's Review

Not really a big fan of telenovelas but because my mom loved to watch this show I have no choice to watch it with her… one in particular would be Lover in Paris a Korean series that was translated to Tagalog (oo naman noh… kasi kung hindi puro anyong haseo na lang ang maririnig mo).

As far as I can remember it’s about a young woman named Vivian who was struggling in Paris. And eventually she worked as a maid for Carlo who is a Business man and the uncle of Martin who is a Bum. The story revolved around the character of Vivian who was turn between Martin and Carlo.

Now the Filipino version of Lover’s In Paris staring KC Concepcion, Piolo Pascual and Zanjo Marudo, portraying the roles of Vivian, Carlo and Martin. And on the first day that it was shown on television, I can’t help but notice one thing… I find the acting of KC Concepcion a little bit of KULANG… I don’t know, maybe I’m trying to compare her to Kang Tae-young (Vivian).

Vivian’s character is a simple yet spunky girl with an optimistic outlook on life, she may be goofy at times but her warm, spontaneous personality makes everyone gravitate towards her.

And in a way KC is trying to be spontaneous and warm in her acting, but I guess the spunky and goofy side of her character she can’t deliver. Remember one scene they had with a French man who thought she was a prostitute, if a man would tell you how much for a one night stand. I believe that for a typical Filipinas reaction would be furious, but KC just acted like she doesn’t want to be a prostitute or the way she embraced the scene was really boring.

I know KC is a great actress and I really like her… but for me the role of Vivian is not right for her… I would rather love to see KC doing roles of a KONTRABIDA.
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True Blood

Now I know why friends of mine go crazy over TRUE BLOOD… it’s not about Anna Paquin AKA ROGUE… but it’s because of RYAN KWANTEN.

Seriously this guy has one hell of a body… pecks, abs, etc… can’t wait for it to watch season 2.
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October 06, 2009


a few weeks ago, one of our agents told me that she cant help but love the new series that she is addicted to... at first she told me that only her partner was the one who is interested in watching it, but for some reason she tried to watch it and guess what... she was laughing her heart out... and when she told me that it was some sort of a musical series, i got curious.

have to admit that I'm a bit addicted to all musicals... yes i memorized some songs from the movie EVITA when i was in college. (yes i love the part of andrea corr and madonna)

i never had the chance to search for the trailer in youtube, until yesterday when Mae gave me a link thru Facebook... and like whammmm i find myself searching for more...

and if your wondering why... perhaps this video would answer why... i so love GLEE!!!

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October 04, 2009


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Take Me To The Philippines

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PINK RUN... Ayala Cebu

OCTOBER 4, 2009... after 44 mins i was able to complete my first 5k run. well technically mga 3.5K or less na run tapos walk... hehehe but i have made a promise to myself starting tomorrow i will train myself again....

time to bond with officemates... teka diba usapan 5k tayo?? bakit sa turning point ng 3k bigla kayong lumiko???

hmmm i dont know pero sya yata ang nawawala kong kapatid? hahahahha jolibee after the run??


and a chance to have a picture with Donna Cruz... god she so cool... hindi ko kinaya ang takbo nya... she was able to complete the 10k run. from now on she will be my inspiration.

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October 01, 2009

Pink Run

hope i can still do this....

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